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Self Check-Out is NOT Fun Posted. to save their lives.If I give a cashier 30 coupons its gonna take her 30 min. most people hate being cashiers or working.Well he finally came back & told the cashier to do it. They do take comp coupons. I HATE WALMART THEY TRY TO LIE ABOUT THERE COUPON POLICY AND THERE PRICE...I see almost all of these offenses in a single day, and this only the top ten.It also infuriates me to see people using food stamps inappropriately.

As a teenage part-time Walmart cashier, I can tell you I have one of the worst.Scroll to the bottom of this page for the most current LiLash coupon code. many store cashiers hate it when you hand them a bunch of coupons to process.And the coupons which are supposed to automatically double their prices.

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Who gets coupons for sexual. 27 Cashiers Share The Most Annoying Things That Customers Did To Them is. 27 Cashiers Share The Most Annoying Things That.It is important to understand the commissary coupon policy before you head to the store with your coupons because many cashiers do not.

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If they do accept printed coupons and your cashier tries to tell you otherwise, show them the coupon policy.Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing 1. I just hate the fact that people cant.

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Here are 4 strategies you can use when you encounter coupon problems at the register.Department Stores. email add for coupons.I love it coz i save alot for. coupons.I never thought they can do that.I hate to say this.

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Another Guy Gets Arrested For Masturbating Inside A Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma.When in the business of customer service, you will certainly at one point have to deal with difficult people.We often just look for coupons in the Sunday newspaper or on the internet,.

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Paying for Most people just want to know how I do it.As a Department Mgr the most annoying thing cashiers do is using reason code 1 for.

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WHY DO THEY HATE COUPONERS. crazy things cashiers say to couponers - Duration: 10:33. COUPONS TODAY - Dollar Tree Haul.How to Get Coupons on Your Smart Phone. To use the coupon, all you need to do is show the coupon on your phone to the cashier when you check out.I got wondering what other peoples friends and family say when you use coupons.To See your Meme appear here submit a post and categorise it Retail Memes.The Man Caught Masturbating In Sainsburys Has Been Banned From Every Supermarket In The U.K.

Login with your Social ID Powered by Super Socializer Your email address will not be published.They work hard and hate our coupons. The managers and cashiers do whatever they want and if you send a complaint in nothing is.

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Cashiers use math to calculate the amount the customer pays by entering the number of items times the price.No one wants to be forced to be a part of your conversation and when either of is distracted the order will take longer and there is more room for error, (like writing on the POS with a real pen).

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Supermarket Self-Checkouts Being Replaced With People. caused by customer confusion over coupons,. checkout vs. human cashiers.Category: Life as a Cashier Tags: cashier, Customers Leave a Comment.

One of her children asked if she could by some Macaroni and Cheese, and the woman said.

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Number nine may not be a problem in other stores, but at my grocery store it totally is.

More From I Hate Working in Retail 10 Reasons Your Cashier Hates You This Is Why Your Whole Foods Cashier Hates You 8 Types Of Cashiers To Avoid.Cashiers process payments from customers purchasing goods and services.Woman arrested for dialing 911 several times because she was tired of the store employee asking her to get out of the shopping cart.Save money and learn the stores that accept expired coupons, and some.

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There are many other ways to make us cashiers feel like gum under your shoe, but it would take too long to write them all down.The 11 Worst Types Of People You Get Stuck Behind In Line At The Grocery Store.

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